We Salute You
We are honored that you have chosen to defend our country and our freedom for us.  

Thank you for your

If you are serving or have served in any branch of the military, for any amount of time, please email: 1) a photo of you in your uniform, 2) branch of service, 3) title, 4) length of service, 5) any additional details you can provide about your military career to pam_pam100@yahoo.com


Chief Warrant Officer 3, US Army Robert Busby     (photo)       
(Retired) Served: 1970 - 1991

I retired from the Army CID after serving 21 years with the Army, 1991 at Fort McClellan, AL.    

Commander, US Navy Joe Patton (Captain Selectee)     (photo)

I will be going back to Iraq in September for the second time.  I fly H-60 Sierras as a medevac pilot/flight surgeon. 
Completed 87 combat missions last year over Iraq and Kuwait.
Currently being reassigned on May 29th to Naval Special Warfare HSC 84 in
Little Creek and Norfolk, Virginia assigned to SEAL TEAM Casevac support.  Will
oversee all casevac missions in Bagdad and Northern Iraq next year.

May end up in Afganistan down the road.

Life is short 69ers! Have fun and make the best of it!

I am living proof that with very little effort, you can find a lot of pain and

Should bust 30 years next year in Navy Reserve and Active Duty.  Delivered
babies and hacked out cancer in the Navy for years as a reservist.

Rank is Commander but already selected for 06(Captain) for this September

Thomas Patton III--My Son/Best Half of Family  (photo)

Will send a few good pics later

   Doc Patton

Specialist Four Class, US Army  William Walter Malone (photo)

Died Feb 20, 1971, Phuoc Long, Republic of South Vietnam of hostile action resulting in "Crash land of helicopter and loss of Air Crew".
He died at the young age of 20.  When you visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC look on Panel 05W Line 125 remember a man of honor.  He gave the ultimate for us all.


Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps Royce W. Setzer  (photo)
(Retired) Served: 1972 - 1995

At time of my retirement I was Detatchment Commander/Aircraft Commander on C20 and C12 Aircraft.  I servered one tour in Viet Nam.


Chief Boatswain's Mate, US Coast Guard, Rod Cushing   (photo
 (Retired) Served: 1970 - 2005
Served in the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield/Storm. Returned to active duty September  14, 2001 while serving as principal of a middle school.   Release from final active duty was October 2003.


Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force Dennis D. Brown (photo)
(Retired) Served: 1973 - 2009

Length of service, 30+ years. I am currently on terminal leave (officially retire again 1 Oct 09). I served 1973--1998, then was recalled from retirement after Sep 11 and served another seven and a half years in England, Bosnia, Oklahoma, South Korea, and Germany.

"I served not for the glory, nor for the money -- but for those on my left and on my right." That paraphrases an Armed Forces Network "commercial" -- but it sums up my thoughts on military service.


Electrician Mate 3rd Class Petty Officer, US Navy Erwin Brosam (photo)

 Served: 1970 - 1976  

Duty stations were, USS Bryce Canyon AD-36 and USS Fearless MSO-442.  Picture is with my son.

U. S. Marine Corp, David R. Smith 
Served: 1975 - 1979